Friday, October 2, 2009

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Breast Milk from Milk Bank Coming to D Town

I'm a mother of a teen & toddler, both were breastfed. For me it wasn't a decision it was more of an instinct, something I thought you just did. With my first I was young & viewed it as the next process after birth. Didn't think about it. Never had that "moment" that women talk about. I just did it for the benefits, the cost, & convenience. I didn't love it & didn't hate it, I knew it was the best thing for my daughter so I did it. Thankfully it worked out, looking back I truly believe ignorance is bliss!
Thirteen years later with my second child it was a no brainer that I would breastfeed. I was shocked when it didn't come as easy as I remembered. I couldn't understand why, being older, more prepared mentally & actually ready to embrace the experience. I wanted my "moment" damn it! We battled with latching, a weak supply & a hungry, hungry baby. It caused for a stressful situation. Stressful - oh no, cant have stress this doesn't help your milk come in! We ended up getting through all our issues & enjoying the experience & I got many great moments!
I am happy to share from a survey of women who had a baby at Doylestown Hospital in the past year. They found that 93% of respondents solely breastfed while at the hospital. At 6 months, 70% of new DH moms responding to the survey were still breastfeeding. Compare that to the U.S. national average of 43% and the state average of 36%. At 12 months, 40% of those DH moms continued to breastfeed. Nationally the rate is about 21% and statewide the rate is just 16%. So basically we have a very high rate of Moms continuing to breastfeed.
Some of you may be aware that Doylestown Hospital released news that they will be taking part in a donated milk program. Money donated by a patient will be used to help purchase 46 bottles of pasteurized frozen human breast milk from a milk bank in Ohio. The breast milk will be available to new moms of preemies or moms who for whatever reason can't produce enough milk of their own, but still want their baby to receive the benefits of breast milk during their earliest hours. Doylestown is one of a growing number of hospitals in this country and around the world that offer their patients a donated breast milk program. Policies and procedures are being finalized and the program should launch soon.
I know many women who couldn't breastfeed for what ever reason. Would you consider this program? I try to imagine if I couldn't produce milk, would I give my baby another women's milk? I think of all the wonderful reasons to participate in the program. We all know breast milk is easy to digest and contains antibodies that can protect infants from bacterial and viral infections. But, something still doesn't feel right. Although if my baby needed blood I would sign for a transfusion, right? Well I guess there is the argument that the baby wouldn't survive with out blood. So would I give them synthetic blood (if available) over human blood. I will consider myself one of the lucky ones who isn't faced with having to make this important decision & leave it to you Moms & soon-to Be's to weigh in & share your thoughts on this donated milk program.

Monday, June 8, 2009

First Friday June

Although the weather was rainy & cold Friday night it didn't stop our special guest from creating art in the store! Bucks county artist, Ray Pulli designed a customers belly cast as on lookers watched. Many people didn't know what the actual canvas was until we explained. For those of you who are unfamiliar with belly casting let me explain. A belly cast is a plaster cast made of an expecting mom's beautiful pregnant form. You buy the kit (at O Bambino) & make the pregnancy belly cast with a loved one in the privacy of your home. Its an easy project that is made in as little as 30 minutes. No mixing of messy materials is required and the end result is a perfect 3D memento of an expecting mom's belly or torso. We have invited local artists to design the casts on First Fridays for some special customers. The customer gives the artist an idea of what they would like on the cast & as you can see its truly a work of art! Many women shy away from the idea, but from what I'm hearing its really fun & its pretty cool to see yourself from everyone else's view. This is something very special that you can hang in the nursery or keep in a private place. This is the only true way to remember your belly & show your little one what you looked like together. Stay tuned for July's belly!
To contact Ray Pulli please call the store or email

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10 Great Places to Start a Family

Want a family-friendly place to live? Check out these picks for communities that offer good schools, pediatric care, safe neighborhoods, and decent work and housing opportunities. You may find one a great place to call home!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The "Must Have" Nursing Gown

Can anyone name one of the best things about nursing (besides the wonderful health advantages)? Most of us experience the "girls" being full & lookin' good! So why not take advantage of this flattering design that makes the most out of anyones cleavage it also makes room for your bump. This gown drapes like a dream & is super soft!
Nursing gowns are a moms best friend, especially at 3 am! This innovative nursing gown is sleek and sexy while offering breastfeeding support in more ways than one. It's sleep bra is built right in. Flattering empire waist for your changing figure and comes in three colors for your mood. Comes in the little black dress nursing gown, the sexy red dress, & the hot chocolate.

Sexy red dress nursing gown was featured as a reader favorite in Pregnancy Magazine!

We just got a new shipment in so be sure to stop by & pick one up!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A beautiful alternative or addition to a baby shower

Have you heard the buzz lately about birth blessings? If not, not to worry....cause I have the scoop & its pretty cool.
People are embracing a new Mom ritual called Birth Blessing, Mother Blessing or Blessingway...what ever you call it, its a celebration that is tailored to your personal liking. its centered more on the Mom to be. Its more then opening gifts & focusing on the "must haves" its really about the transition into motherhood. A Birth Blessing is a wonderful opportunity to honor the changes & surround an expecting mother with blessings of love and empowerment that she'll carry with her through birth & into motherhood.
The Blessingway originated from Navajo tradition. The idea is to ensure good luck, good health and blessings. Many people now use this term to mean a celebration of motherhood & pregnancy. Out of respect for the Native American culture, the modern Blessingway does not try to duplicate the Navajo ceremony; rather it appropriates the idea of giving strength to the new mother by building a spiritual community around her. Beyond that, it helps the woman find her own strength and abilities by connecting her with the tradition of motherhood. However, you don't have to consider yourself spiritual or religious to get a powerful, emotional benefit from a Blessingway.
Foods are important to a Blessingway, as is the creation of a birth necklace, bracelet or anklet. This is usually done by asking each attendee to bring a bead. The beads are strung together and the finished product placed on the mother-to-be to give her a concrete symbol of the collective strength of the gathering. Although simple, its influence can be powerful. Mother Blessing is a celebration for a new life. It can be used by anyone, expecting a baby, adopting a baby, or just in need of a celebration of life in general.

Without the silly games, the ooos and ahhs over presents, what do you do?

There are many things that can be done for a Mother Blessing. It can be designed by the mother herself, or whomever chooses to host the "party." Here are some typical activities that you might include at a Mother Blessing: presenting a candle (not any candle), made of natural beeswax. Using Beeswax is an ancient tradition, with bees being a symbol for fertility and love! The candle can be lit while Mom is in labor to help sooth her & think of her friends and family who are supporting & praying for her from a far. Blessing cards are used by friends and family to write personal notes about friendship and love or a random quote to make Mom smile. Usually the cards are strung on a ribbon (garland) & presented to the Mom to be. Many women have fun and share the experience by using henna art to decorate her bump or do a belly cast.

Yes, there are co-ed mother blessings (parent blessings/family blessings). As you would honor and respect the mother, the father is treated the same way.
No matter how you choose to celebrate the birth of a new baby, it is a special occasion. A Birth Blessing is but one way to have this recognition. It is a time to celebrate and rejoice in new life.

O Bambino will be carrying Birth Blessing beads, cards, invitations, and candles to help make your celebration as unique & special as you & your baby. We currently carry belly art & casting kits.

As always if there is something special you cant find - ask us & we are happy to help!