Thursday, May 14, 2009

The "Must Have" Nursing Gown

Can anyone name one of the best things about nursing (besides the wonderful health advantages)? Most of us experience the "girls" being full & lookin' good! So why not take advantage of this flattering design that makes the most out of anyones cleavage it also makes room for your bump. This gown drapes like a dream & is super soft!
Nursing gowns are a moms best friend, especially at 3 am! This innovative nursing gown is sleek and sexy while offering breastfeeding support in more ways than one. It's sleep bra is built right in. Flattering empire waist for your changing figure and comes in three colors for your mood. Comes in the little black dress nursing gown, the sexy red dress, & the hot chocolate.

Sexy red dress nursing gown was featured as a reader favorite in Pregnancy Magazine!

We just got a new shipment in so be sure to stop by & pick one up!

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