Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Breast Milk from Milk Bank Coming to D Town

I'm a mother of a teen & toddler, both were breastfed. For me it wasn't a decision it was more of an instinct, something I thought you just did. With my first I was young & viewed it as the next process after birth. Didn't think about it. Never had that "moment" that women talk about. I just did it for the benefits, the cost, & convenience. I didn't love it & didn't hate it, I knew it was the best thing for my daughter so I did it. Thankfully it worked out, looking back I truly believe ignorance is bliss!
Thirteen years later with my second child it was a no brainer that I would breastfeed. I was shocked when it didn't come as easy as I remembered. I couldn't understand why, being older, more prepared mentally & actually ready to embrace the experience. I wanted my "moment" damn it! We battled with latching, a weak supply & a hungry, hungry baby. It caused for a stressful situation. Stressful - oh no, cant have stress this doesn't help your milk come in! We ended up getting through all our issues & enjoying the experience & I got many great moments!
I am happy to share from a survey of women who had a baby at Doylestown Hospital in the past year. They found that 93% of respondents solely breastfed while at the hospital. At 6 months, 70% of new DH moms responding to the survey were still breastfeeding. Compare that to the U.S. national average of 43% and the state average of 36%. At 12 months, 40% of those DH moms continued to breastfeed. Nationally the rate is about 21% and statewide the rate is just 16%. So basically we have a very high rate of Moms continuing to breastfeed.
Some of you may be aware that Doylestown Hospital released news that they will be taking part in a donated milk program. Money donated by a patient will be used to help purchase 46 bottles of pasteurized frozen human breast milk from a milk bank in Ohio. The breast milk will be available to new moms of preemies or moms who for whatever reason can't produce enough milk of their own, but still want their baby to receive the benefits of breast milk during their earliest hours. Doylestown is one of a growing number of hospitals in this country and around the world that offer their patients a donated breast milk program. Policies and procedures are being finalized and the program should launch soon.
I know many women who couldn't breastfeed for what ever reason. Would you consider this program? I try to imagine if I couldn't produce milk, would I give my baby another women's milk? I think of all the wonderful reasons to participate in the program. We all know breast milk is easy to digest and contains antibodies that can protect infants from bacterial and viral infections. But, something still doesn't feel right. Although if my baby needed blood I would sign for a transfusion, right? Well I guess there is the argument that the baby wouldn't survive with out blood. So would I give them synthetic blood (if available) over human blood. I will consider myself one of the lucky ones who isn't faced with having to make this important decision & leave it to you Moms & soon-to Be's to weigh in & share your thoughts on this donated milk program.

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