Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dress up your Delivery!

When I look back at the hospital pictures from when I had my kids I wish I would have had this product. Its called Pretty Pushers. Its a hospital gown or as they call it "delivery dress".

I never thought to come equipped with my own gown until my last delivery. I was handed a gown & as I was slipping into it (that sounds to was more like pouring into it), I noticed blood stains. I still cringe thinking about it. I know they get sanitized but its still gross! Away with someone elses stains...hello Pretty Pusher!

This product comes packaged in an adorable pregnancy belly box.
The box includes:
*a designer cotton delivery gown (with front monitor access and back epidural access!)
*matching headband
*lip gloss w/mirror
*lemon-water towelette
*cayenne pepper-infused massage oil

It makes the perfect baby shower gift and is affordable,environmentally conscious, and 100% made in the USA. PVC free & no animal testing.

I think we have a winner!
Pick one up for your big day, or stop in for that perfect shower gift!

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mollyzip said...

My sister had this! She unpacked the box weeks before her due date, and put all the components into her hospital bag. I was with her at home when her water broke, but before we went in she put on the gown, and wore it under her coat to the hospital! It was great because she was ready to go and didn't have to put on an old hospital gown. It got completely messy of course, but was just thrown away there in the labor room after the baby was born.