Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Put down that pink stuff! This is amazing!

I have to share my wonderful news with everyone. My daughter Gianna (20 mths) has been suffering with ear infections this winter. A couple months ago the Dr prescribed amoxicillin. Many parents know this pink liquid all too well. So, we decided to try it because she had a fever & we wanted to help her. She was on it 3X's a day for 12 days (the standard). Two weeks later were back to the Dr (for something unrelated). When her ears were checked she said they were red again & probably infected. Again Amox. was prescribed. I was upset & surprised that her ears were still red, after almost two weeks of of an antibiotic. She didn't have a fever she wasn't tugging on her ears & they want to put her back on meds. I spoke to a relative who told me that her child had chronic ear infections until she started bringing him to the chiropractor to avoid tubes. After thinking about it for awhile it made total sense. The spine being in proper alignment would result in normal nerve supply & ultimately normal function.
Okay, so you want my 20 mnth old who has ants in her pants to sit still and have her back adjusted? I forgot to mention the trips to our Dr always are very tearful & unpleasant and usually end with her sobbing into my chest. To my surprise it was a breeze at the chiro's. The Dr who treats my daughter is excellent with her. My husband & I were amazed. She showed her around the office (which has a total spa feel), let her play in the therapy room with the huge therapy balls all while adjusting her. After her 3rd treatment she lays on the "big girl table" & gets a "big girl adjustment" She loves every minute of it and just smiles away. "This is not my child", I say to myself, she doesn't let anyone touch her & can never stay still. When her treatment is finished she tries to get back on the table. It proves that it is making her feel good. We have also noticed an improvement with sleeping...that was an added bonus!
Yesterday we had the greatly anticipated "well baby" visit to the medical Dr. Keep in mind we didn't fill the drug prescription that was given to us 3 weeks prior but instead visited the chiropractor twice a week for a total of 6 visits. After the Dr looked in both her ears I asked how they looked and the answer was -perfect! I let her know at that point that I didn't give her the medicine & that she has been seeing a chiropractor.
I felt so good that she had healthy little ears without giving her another 12 days of that pink stuff. Don't get me wrong it has a place, although I think it's an easy out to stick them on meds for every little thing when there are clearly alternatives.
If anyone has a child suffering with ear infections I would highly recommend visiting Dr Heidi Bencsik at Pennridge Wellness Center. Her passion for helping others is genuine. Dr Heidi has shared with me her desire to work w/ babies & pregnant women, I definitely see why. The office is new & gorgeous the staff is helpful & pleasant. If this office can calm & relax my little one it will relax anyone & the best is that it has been effective & helped our baby. Thank you Dr Heidi for helping our little girl:)
Make sure to follow Dr Heidi's blog & visit her on 3/31 for the Cleanse Workshop!

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