Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Resolution

I always find myself working until my eyes start to close & I look at the clock & begin to panic, then I do the count down "oh no 5 hrs of sleep!". Then I always say that same line," I wish there were more hours in a day". But do I really? Come on...think about it. Most of us wake up way to early, I personally hate mornings so that doesnt help. Once we are up it all starts...all Mothers know what I mean.

I have a school age child which can I tell you ..savor your elementary years, my daughters bus arrives at 6:32am. So we are up by 5:45, unfortunatly for me my 14 year old is also not a morning person that = a horrible start to the day. She is fed, looked over for any inappropriate dressing and/or over applying of make up & gives a quick mandatory kiss goodbye usually with her eyes rolling. Now its on to my 1 year old. Getting her up, fed, cleaned, dressed, packed up for the day ahead. Did I forget in between this all (I was starting to sound like a well oiled machine for a minute) Im unloading/loading dishwasher, disinfecting counters, picking up shoes, papers, toys and disbursing them to there proper places, thinking about dinner, fitting in a shower for myself, finding Elmo on TV, changing a stinky diaper, opening yesterdays mail. This is all before my "work day" begins.

There is really no reason to continue because most of you are in the same boat. I share this story of non stop running like a mommy maniac with so many women each day, its scary. Most of us are staying up into the wee hours to fit all our activities in. Is it really not enough hours in a day? Is it over scheduling? Is it mismanaging our time? I dont know? All I know is that in 2009 I will make sure my family time takes priority. I tend to take advantage of those moments where the kids are content & Daddy is home to jump on line check my email & pay some bills. Ya know what, the emails will be there in the morning & unfortunatly so will the bills. I am pretty sure I will still be up working when everyone else in the house is fast asleep although I will feel better knowing that through our busy day we took the time to come together.
I would love to hear others stories & resolutions for 2009 or of you ditched resolution making.
I included one of my all time favorite videos because it sums it up like no other! ENJOY!

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