Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We are here for you!

In the last couple of months we have gotten to know our customers both young & old. We have realized whats hot, whats not & what is needed. Besides are retail store we realize that new families, first time Moms, even ones who are on # 3 or 4 are looking for the same thing, to make the best decisions for there family. Its hard in todays world to balance everything on our plates. We all have good intentions for our family although sometimes dont have the time explore each aspect of parenting the way we would like. This has lead O Bambino to create a resource spot for new parents.
When planning a wedding there a ton of places to go to that will break everything down. Most of us know by the time the wedding arrives we feel like professional wedding planners. When a woman becomes pregnant, you get a few cards and some hugs, the rest is up to her to figure out. You end up calling a friend, or your Mom, Aunt anyone who is willing to listen & has been through it. You start asking the questions, is this normal? Why cant I move my bowels? Will my complextion get better? When? Then the Dr list starts, they say to write it down, right? Okay, pregnancy is a huge step in a womans life. O Bambino is determined to bring in local resources from financial Advisors; to discuss college savings & trusts to lactation consultants, to babywearing expert all in an effort to make your transition a bit easier.
We will be updating our calendar with our workshops/classes that are coming up! Tickets now on sale for the fashion show at Puck on Nov 2nd. Please contact the store!

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